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Sustainable Shrink Packaging

Sustainability is increasingly central to packaging and your overall business. Since shrink film is typically less than 1%-2% of packaging material volume, achieving environmental gains is challenging.

That’s why we’ve compiled sustainable packaging resources to help, along with easy, actionable steps you can take right now to reduce materials, lower your impact and remove packaging cost.

We address energy efficiency and environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle of our films—from raw materials acquisition, processing, manufacture and distribution to reuse, disposal or recycling options. Clysar® shrink films are environmentally compatible: all Clysar® grades are recyclable, energy-efficient to produce, chemically inert and desirable for incineration because of their high fuel content. Our films are lighter weight than most alternative types of packaging, creating less solid waste.

Benefits of Clysar Sustainable Shrink Packaging

  • Clysar® shrink films are lightweight, low-volume and compactable, taking up less space in the landfill vs. heavier, bulkier materials like clamshells, thick films and boxes.
  • Our films are chemically inert, and won’t deteriorate into harmful components like in the case of PVC-based films.
  • Clysar’s manufacturing processes are clean, safe, energy-efficient and of consistent high quality.
  • The majority of our extrusion waste is reprocessed internally.
  • Any remaining waste is disposed of in the most responsible manner. Normally this waste is recycled. Our films can be safely incinerated. Because of their high BTU value, they greatly improve combustion, producing a highly efficient and complete incineration process.

Find out more about how Clysar is progressing toward sustainability in our 2019 Sustainability Report.

Learn about EVO Recyclable Shrink Film, your new go-to choice for a more environmentally responsible package.

5 Proven Strategies to Improve Shrink Package Sustainability


Achieve Meaningful Source Reduction and Savings with Thin-Gauge Films

The LTC (Lowest Total Cost) film family provides downgauging opportunities for packages using 50-60 gauge polyolefin or heavy-gauge polyethylene shrink film. LTC films use up to 50% less material than heavier polyethylene while delivering superior productivity and aesthetics. Some packages are NOT suited to thin-gauge shrink film, but many times you can reduce materials by up to 25% (and save 20% or more in cost) by downgauging 60-gauge applications to 50- or 45-gauge options. Ask your Clysar distributor to help you test lighter films to evaluate trade-offs.


Eliminate PVC Shrink Films with Clysar® Polyolefin Films

PVC replacement is currently a corporate packaging initiative at many large CPG and retail organizations. Switch from PVC to a Clysar® polyolefin like LE Gold or ABL films: competitively priced, chemically inert films that can run on existing PVC equipment. These films eliminate concerns over chloride, a toxic substance. Unlike PVC, they won’t emit fumes in the manufacturing process, corrode equipment or deteriorate into harmful components when landfilled.


Reduce Secondary Packaging with Printed Shrink Film

Packaging multi-packs? Use colorful printed shrink film to eliminate trays or labels. You’ll achieve as much as 60% reduction in packaging materials.* Plus, you could enjoy labor savings anywhere from 30%-50%. *Figures derived from recent commercial packaging applications.


Use ShrinkBox® High-Abuse Film to Reduce Corrugate and Other Packaging Materials

Ultra-strong, high-abuse, clear ShrinkBox® display film is ideal for replacing corrugate cartons, chipboard and heavy-gauge polyethylene. One roll can replace more than 600 corrugated cartons, and replace about a PALLET of knocked-down corrugate boxes at retail.


Right-Size Your Roll Size and Packaging Widths

Clysar offers many options to help you reduce waste material and lower your manufacturing impact. We offer special roll packaging configurations that eliminate shipping materials, efficiency packs that reduce changeovers and efficient, pre-slit shrink films in 1"-100" widths that allow you to use only the film you need.

Let Us Run the Numbers on Corrugate Reduction

Looking to reduce corrugate disposal at retail? One roll of ShrinkBox® film replaces about a PALLET of knocked-down corrugate boxes. Learn how much you can save by switching …your distributor can quickly run the numbers on our ShrinkBox® calculator. (Request Analysis)

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