Clysar® High-Abuse ShrinkBox® Clear Films

Premium Protection, Product View to Replace Corrugate Boxes


Think of Clysar® ShrinkBox® as a tough, clear, protective box that shrinks to your product…with the power to lower your cost per package*! This popular high-abuse film is replacing cardboard boxes or heavy polyethylene film for retail and other products that can profit from a clear product view. Strong, tough and sparkling clear, ShrinkBox® polyolefin film has the highest shrink and strength of any of our films. It conforms to any product size and profile, and runs reliably on conventional shrinkwrapping equipment.

Use For

  • Toys
  • DIY products for hardware and home improvement
  • Furniture
  • Carpets and rugs
  • Commercial building products
  • Industrial products
  • Tools
  • Products with odd or irregular shapes
  • Bundled products and value packs
Features at a Glance
  • The strongest polyolefin on the market
  • Extremely tough, with superior puncture-, abrasion- and impact-resistance
  • Conforms to irregular shapes, pointed angles and difficult profiles
  • High gloss and clarity for exceptional product display
  • Shrinks at low temperatures
  • High shrink force for strong, tight bundling
  • Superior resistance to burn-through to handle products with voids
Solves These Issues
  • Eliminates dog-ears and excess film, for tight, clear packages
  • Dramatically lowers cost per package compared to multi-part corrugate
  • Stacks and ships more in the same space, plus costs less to ship pound for pound
  • Keeps products intact during handling, storage and retail merchandising
  • Reduces pilfering, tampering and product returns—consumers don’t have to open a carton to see the product
  • Eliminates costly corrugate disposal at retail
  • Significantly reduces corrugate disposal at retail—one roll of ShrinkBox® replaces about a PALLET of knocked-down corrugate boxes
  • Reduces ancillary packaging such as slip sheets, staples, strapping, etc.
Available As
  • ShrinkBox® 1525 for advanced product protection with enhanced gloss and clarity, in flat or folded film
  • ShrinkBox® 2035, an extra-tough option for the highest level of strength and protection, in flat or folded film
  • May be printed with addition of a primer—contact Clysar for information

*Note:Compared to multipart corrugate packaging

Clysar ShrinkBox® Polyolefin shrink film is the perfect film for replacing currugate